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Endangered Collection

Endangered Collection

When I create something, it is mostly for either myself, for friends, family or my children's friends. Often these creations are developed further then added to my online shops. 


The Endangered Collection was originally a selection of my favourite animals, to hang on the wall.  I created geometric designs by connecting lines to make a pleasing portrait/image. This is then 3D printed, mounted on canvas paper and framed. The original ones are now hanging in my kitchen.  I started looking for interesting facts about the animals I make. And what I found out floored me. They are in trouble. Because of us humans, through habitat loss, neglect, trade and our beliefs in "traditional medicine", these beautiful creatures are dying.

I chose to use red to highlight the need to attract attention to the problem and the fact their population massively dropped within 3 generations, some with over 90% of them are gone.


Very recently we woke up to the news that the last male Northern White Rhino died of old age, and that only two female Northern White Rhinos are left. If we look at the populations of their closest cousins, the Southern and the Black Rhinos, we might have thought, we can still save them, there are still thousands of what remained. We are wrong.

The other rhinos in Asia are in big trouble. With fewer than 100 of the Sumatran Rhinos and 58-68 of the Javan Rhinos left, it won't be long until they follow the Northern White Rhinos of Africa. 


So, I made this collection and decided to donate profits to ZSL or Zoological Society of London, a charity devoted to the worldwide conservation of animals and their habitats.

My choice of material is a no brainer. PLA is a renewable, biodegradable and carbon neutral plastic and that won't release toxic fumes when burnt. 


Thank you for taking the time to read this. 

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