Geometric 3D Elephant Print - Endangered Collection

Geometric 3D Elephant Print - Endangered Collection


3D printed geometric image of an elephant to frame.

The elephants are critically endangered species which suffered 99% population decline mainly due to ivory trade among other things.

The print will fit an IKEA Rabba shadow box frame with or without a mount. The label is supplied with sticky foam, just peel off the back layer and stick where ever you want.

Material: Red PLA and 300gsm acid-free textured paper.

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I created this collection not only to create a unique wall print but also to highlight how much trouble these majestic creatures are in. 99% population decline over a couple of generations is very alarming. And that is caused by ivory trade and traditional medicine.

For every sale made from this collection, we are donating a portion to the ZSL, who are working tirelessly for wildlife around the world.