Geometric 3D Blue Whale Print - Endangered Collection

Geometric 3D Blue Whale Print - Endangered Collection


3D printed geometric image of a Blue Whale.

Between 1914 and 2017, there is a 97% decline of Blue whale population. These gentle giants are the largest animals on the planet weighing approximately 200 tons!

The print will fit an IKEA Rabba shadow box frame with or without a mount. The label is supplied with sticky foam, just peel off the back layer and stick where ever you want.

Material: Red PLA and 300gsm acid-free textured paper.

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I created this collection not only to create a unique wall print but also to highlight how much trouble these majestic creatures are in. The Blue Whale, I think is one of the most amazing creatures on the planet. Despite it's protected status, they are still in danger due to habitat loss, commercial whaling by some countries and plastics floating in the ocean.

For every sale made from this collection, we are donating a portion to the ZSL, who are working tirelessly for wildlife around the world.