Varse - the cheeky bum vase

Varse - the cheeky bum vase


I love sculptural works of art and I love to shock my group of friends. With the British Museum exhibiting Rodin, the celebration of strong women, and the me too movement, I thought to create something beautiful and thought provoking (and cheeky). I ended up making a vase shaped like an arse. 

Cheekily named as the "Varse", this 3D printed cheeky bum vase is a perfect conversation starter and personal touch to your home. I designed these vases to be anatomically correct but with less detail to distract from the beautiful shape. 

Designed, printed, hand finished and hand assembled by myself in the studio. The base has a cork bottom to protect surfaces.

Measures: 20cm tall and 17cm wide.
Production time : 30hours
Made with biodegradable plastic material (PLA).  

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If you wish to customise the size or colour, please send me an e-mail and I'll see what I can do.

Due to the nature of material used, please remember the following:

  • Do not put fresh flowers and water in this vase for long periods of time.

  • This is not a dishwasher friendly item.

  • Wipe clean or cold hand wash only.

  • Thoroughly dry before storage.

  • Do not put in the oven or microwave.

  • Store in cool dry place.