The Varse

A friend of mine received a cheeky gift, it was a ceramic vase of a lady’s posterior. It amused me greatly, not it’s price tag though. So, I did my research and an idea formed. I want to create something myself. I love sculptural works of art and I love to shock my group of friends. But I want it to look beautiful instead of rude. So I took inspiration from classical works, and with the British Museum exhibiting Rodin, the celebration of strong women, and the me too movement in full swing, I thought to create something beautiful, thought provoking and definitely not rude (yet still cheeky).
As soon as the first one was finished, I showed it to my husband and was thinking of how to describe it on my website . I came up with “a vase shaped like an arse”… Then he blurted “It’s a Varse!”

They are available in the shop in 2 different sizes, a 20cm tall decorative vase and a 9cm tall desk organiser, the Mini Varse. I also made a male version but with less bits like some of those ancient sculptures.